Knowing the basics of diabetes: Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore

Knowing the basics of diabetes: Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore

Diabetes is a medical condition when your sugar levels go above normal. It happens when the glucose cannot enter your body cells. As a consequence, your cells cannot get enough of glucose. As present, some 17 million Americans and many more millions worldwide are suffering from this condition and worse, 1 in 3 diabetic patients do not even know that they have got this condition. The polygenic disease can lead to many severe medical conditions such as heart diseases, kidney damage, and even amputations. Some of the resulting conditions are potentially life-threatening.

See your doctor at regular intervals

In light of the facts stated above, you should never forget seeing your doctor periodically, especially if you are in the 30s or above, to get diagnosed. In addition to that, you should stop consuming alcohol and tobacco products.

There is not just one type of diabetes

There are actually many different types of diabetes, but the basic character of the disease is the same. Type 1 diabetes is more common in minors than seniors. 5-10% of the diabetic patients are young adults or children. Type 2 diabetes is more common and about 90% of the patients are suffering from this condition. Human body develops an insulin resistance in this type of diabetes. There are many other diabetic conditions that your doctor can rightly diagnose.

How to stave off diabetes?

One easy way to say ‘no’ to diabetes is leading a controlled lifestyle. You should quit smoking immediately and live more on vegetables than red meat, wine etc. You should consult a physician if you develop symptoms of diabetes.

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